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This is a guest post by Cathy Scarlett

A setback is all it takes for many of us to not follow a consistent workout regime. Boredom, lack of results, laziness and lack of time are the common culprits. But, with motivation, you can overcome these challenges and stick to a consistent workout regimen. So, how do you stay motivated? Let’s take a look.

Track Your Progress
If you are not tracking your progress, you will have no idea where you are on your journey towards achieving your fitness goals. Ensure that you don’t get disheartened if you don’t see progress initially. Assessing your progress can help you in altering your fitness program accordingly. Over time, a shredded body, increased energy levels, and other positive changes can become sources of motivation to work harder.

Find An Emotional Trigger
An emotional trigger is exactly what you need to remind yourself of the need for working out. This emotional trigger can be anything like your doctor telling you that your cholesterol is a bit high. But, it is you who has to find that emotional trigger and ensure that you use it to your advantage. Example- If you have a pair of clothes that can remind you of your gain in weight, then make sure that you hang it somewhere that will make it difficult not to see it. This way, when you are home after a tiring day at work, you won’t consider skipping a workout as the clothes will act as the emotional trigger you needed.

Savor The Benefits Of Exercise
It is impossible to deny the benefits that exercise gives you. Exercise helps us feel rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed. So, savor this feeling and use it as motivation for exercising. Many of us would be looking to hit the bed after a stressful and tiring day. But, you can combat this urge by reminding your mind and conditioning your body about how good you feel after workouts. This way, you can make exercise a habit, and it will be hard to take it off the routine.

Money Talks
This is one of the ‘out of the box’ motivational tips. But, money can be regarded as a strong motivational factor behind many goals. So, if you are being paid to workout, the chances are high that you will hit the gym.
Apps like Pact can assist you with the same. The users who use this app are rewarded with money or charged on their fitness goals. If you are consistent in meeting your fitness goals, then you will be rewarded with money. But, if you fail to achieve your goals, money will be deducted from your account and will be given to the users or members who are consistently achieving their fitness goals.

Build A Support Group
Building a group to support yourself is pivotal to stay motivated. So, it is important to inform your family and a close friend about your plan of action and fitness goals. Making drastic changes to your everyday routine is challenging. So, the support group can act as a channel for positive energy and encouragement. Your support group will appreciate your efforts the most as well. More importantly, your support group can serve as a reminder to your commitment to stay fit.

Other Tips
• Make sure that you set specific goals with timelines rather than vague goals like “losing weight” and “building muscles.”
• Subscribe to fitness blogs and newsletters. This can give you the necessary information and will also act as a reminder of your commitment to be fit and healthy.
• Practice positive visualization and mental techniques like meditation and yoga. This can strengthen you mentally and will help you stay focused and motivated.
• Reward yourself with something once you achieve a certain fitness goal. This is a proven motivator.
• Get a workout buddy. This way you will be accountable to someone and less likely to skip workouts.
• Try new methods of exercises. This way you will not be bored of exercising and will consider it more fun.
• Make Physical activity a part of your daily routine. Begin with simple steps like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Following the tips listed above will be of great help in achieving the fitness goals you have set your target on. Check out this post from to know more about staying motivated and achieving your fitness goals.