The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is based out of Oceanside, CA and work with the top professional golfers in the world on golf fitness, injuries/health, teaching, and biomechanics.

TPI preaches the Body-Swing connection and promotes the Golf Teaching Pro, Golf Doctor, and Golf Fitness Trainer triangle in the advancement of golfers around the world. We utilize Level 3 TPI Medical and Golf Biomechanics to guide injured golfers from pain to optimal golf performance.

This track is focused on teaching the skills needed to run an effective golf-specific medical or rehabilitative program at any health-related facility.

Level 2 classes will focus on Golf-Specific Injuries and Injury Inducing Swing Mechanics, Advanced Swing Faults, Wrist and Ankle physical screening procedures, and learning our detailed medical evaluation called the “SFMA – Selective Functional Movement Assessment.

Level 3 class will focus on: Exercise Progressions for the SFMA, Nutrition, and Advanced Swing Analysis.

This track is focused on understanding the basics of 3D motion analysis and the fundamental of biomechanics.

This certification focuses on types of motion analysis systems, capture methods, data analysis, kinematic sequencing, interpretation of data, and advanced swing analysis

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