One of the most common complaints that we see from patients who suffer from sciatica-like pain that radiates into the butt or the leg is an increase in symptoms when sitting down. Although sitting is not a conducive position to back pain, we recognize that is it an unavoidable position for many people. So how do we reduce the risk of flare-ups in our patients who are required to sit? This is where we introduce the McKenzie Roll! 

The McKenzie roll is a well-known and effective lumbar cushion. This lumbar roll is meant to be a firm cushion that forces you into extension, which is a better position than flexion which is normally associated with a seated posture.

You simply place the lumbar roll in your chair, just above your waistband. This is going to force you to sit with more of an arch in your back. Many patients will complain that this is not the most comfortable position in the world. However, I would rather feel a little bit of positional discomfort when I'm sitting, rather than the pain or numbness and tingling that happens when you sit with a flexed posture.

Having this extra support can help you prevent the flare-ups, which in the long term is going to help you recover more efficiently. These McKenzie Rolls are between $20- $30 on Amazon. I highly recommend that anyone who suffers from low back pain or sits a lot throughout the day has one of these Rolls on hand.

Jesse Suess

Jesse Suess

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