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Patellar tendonosis, sometimes referred to as jumper’s knee, is a common condition among athletes, especially sports that involve a lot of jumping such as basketball and volleyball. Runners and cyclists can also suffer from this pain condition. It generally involves aching pain that occurs below the kneecap (patella).

• History of ankle sprains
• Poor ankle flexibility
• Weak gluteal muscles
• Tight calves, quads and/or hamstrings
• History of Osgood-Schlatter

In the early stages of this condition it may be helped by rest, ice and compression, but often once the symptoms have gotten to the point where a patient seeks help, other methods must be employed.

One of the techniques that our doctors are trained to perform is called Active Release Technique, a soft-tissue method that is well suited for treating this type of condition. Soft tissue manipulation of the area can sometimes relieve pressure on associated structures and may resolve the condition completely or partially. We also use rehabilitative exercises and strengthening protocols that can relieve the condition and prevent it from affecting you in the future.