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For most of us, healthy hips are essential to our daily routine. The hips provide balance, support, stability, and movement, making them pretty important whether we’re sedentary or highly active. 

Because of consistent use, the hips are vulnerable to injury. 


This post goes over:

  • Why we have hip pain
  • How to relieve hip pain with natural methods
  • Tips to help prevent hip pain
  • Chiropractic care to treat hip pain
  • And more

Hip pain doesn’t have to come between you and your quality of life. Read on to learn how to manage hip discomfort responsibly. 


Why Do I Have Hip Pain?

Your hips are active when you’re doing the most innocuous of things, such as holding your child or making your bed; even while lounging on the sofa and scrolling on your handheld device, your hip joint and its surrounding tissues are utilized. 

And then there are also those who are incredibly active and use their hips to reach extraordinary athletic goals. 

It makes sense that with this amount of use, hip pain can arise in anyone. 


Common reasons for hip pain include:

  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Repetitive use of the hip due to occupation, exercise, or sports
  • Using poor posture or improper ergonomics 
  • Regular wear and tear or aging 
  • Pregnancy or carrying excessive weight
  • Utilizing improper habitual movement patterns 
  • A traumatic event, such as a car or sports accident 
  • Mental stress and anxiety 

Injuries that often lead to hip pain include:

The good news is that slight changes to your lifestyle or patterns can reduce the risk of hip injury and its symptoms. Working with a chiropractor before more significant imbalances arise is always the best step to help avoid heightened pain.

How Can I Relieve Hip Pain Naturally At Home?

While chiropractic care is a safe and smart resource for getting lasting hip pain relief, sometimes you just need tips to naturally achieve comfort right now. 


Three ways to effectively relieve hip pain at home, encouraging the healing process as they do: 


Apply cold and heat

Ice the area if the pain is acute (sudden) to minimize inflammation. Once the swelling is controlled, apply heat to encourage healthy circulation to the injury for healing and relaxation.

Apply each intermittently for 15-20 minutes, with two hours between sessions. 


Remove pressure and tension from the hip joints and tissues by giving the body time to rest and recover. Rest is essential to healing. 

If you sit all day, get up and move around to give targeted areas a break from the norm. If you stand all day, sit down to allow targeted areas to relax. 

If your occupation, sports, or exercise initiates hip pain, you must rest in order to heal. 


Stretch, exercise, massage

Gentle stretches, exercises, and massage will promote joint and tissue movement and circulation, significantly contributing to healing. However, they also encourage strengthening, flexibility, and soothing properties that can provide fast pain relief. 

What Are Safe, Effevice Tips to Help Avoid Hip Pain?

Your hips are used daily; even as we’re inactive, the hip joint and tissues are likely engaged. So, how can you keep your hips safe and well-functioning? 


Chiropractor-approved tips to protect the hips include:

  • Adhere to daily stretching and exercise to encourage core strength that protects the spine and flexibility within the hips
  • Don’t push through pain; get help when the body is asking for it
  • If inactive for long periods, such as with work, get up every 30-60 minutes for a short walk (even if it’s just around your office) and some light stretching
  • Wear correct and supportive footwear for your activities 
  • Ensure you maintain a healthy weight
  • Always warm up and cool down before and after physical activity
  • Give your body time to rest and recover after strenuous work or exercise
  • Correct your posture, lifting technique, and movement patterns

Visit Our Boca Raton Chiropractic Clinic & Safely Treat Hip Pain 

Our chiropractic care team has worked with patients of all kinds to help end their hip pain and confidently return to their productive lifestyles. We’ll create a plan you feel comfortable with and always offer an open communication policy to instill your trust. 

Let our team determine the reason for your hip pain so the root cause can be identified and remedied. This is vital to proper healing, as only focusing on your symptoms can cause further issues and lead to short-term fixes. 

We provide many noninvasive chiropractic solutions that optimize healing and strengthening for great and lasting results. 


The chiropractic techniques we offer to help relieve hip pain include:

Get the quality of life you should be living, free from pain and limitations. Contact our Boca Raton chiropractic clinic today. We’ll create a unique wellness strategy based on your needs and give you the tools to keep your body protected. 

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