Benefits of Chiropractic for Desk-Workers

If you have a workstation, you likely spend a lot of time there, whether for school, work, games, or anything in between. Sitting for prolonged periods in one place can take a toll on the body, even if the space we’re sitting in is set up correctly. 

A poorly designed workstation can cause many issues to your musculoskeletal system and spine. Fortunately, your local chiropractor can help end the discomforts associated with your workspace and give you guidance on how to keep your body safe. 


This article goes over the following:

  • Injuries related to inefficient workstations
  • Quick tips to enhance your workspace
  • Natural and chiropractic methods to protect your body while sitting at a desk
  • The benefits of chiropractic for those who work at a desk all day
  • And more

Read on to learn the numerous benefits of chiropractic to treat discomforts and injuries related to your workstation design. 


Injuries Related to an Improperly Designed Workstation 

When we are sedentary for extended periods, the body can quickly become sore, lose flexibility, and weaken. It’s important for those of us who sit at a desk all day to take proactive care of our bodies, ensure we do our due diligence through activities and exercise, and keep our workstations safe for use. 

A poorly designed workstation can create many conditions and imbalances. 


Common symptoms and injuries from inefficient workstations include:

Chiropractors can help with many of these issues, as they are experienced in dysfunctions in the joints, soft tissues, and spines. Chiropractic is not only natural, but it’s safe and effective, treating the body as a whole rather than focusing only on where your pain is. 

An experienced chiropractor will find your injury, promote the body’s natural healing power to help it recover, and provide invaluable insight on how to set up your workstation, among other things, so you retain your good in-clinic results. 

How to Set Up Your Workstation the Right Way

Your workspace should be set up correctly so you can move with ease and comfort. 

Below are workspace setup best practices:

  • Scoot your hips to the back of the chair, so your back is straight and relaxed and can rest against the chairback 
  • Keep knees level with the hips or a bit lower
  • Be sure your feet can be kept flat on the floor (use a stool if necessary)
  • Recline the chairback to around 100 degrees if that’s an option
  • Use an ergonomic chair that supports the back, including the low back (lumbar support), or use a pillow behind the low back
  • Keep armrests set so your shoulders are down and relaxed
  • Keep the keyboard set at a distance that allows your wrists and hands to stay flat
  • You should be able to fully extend your arms
  • The top of your monitor should be at about eye level
  • Keep all the items regularly used within arm’s reach (phone, mouse, document holders, etc.)


Finding Relief From Pain Due to Your Workstation Setup

Once you’ve implemented the setup tips, you should find that your body reacts better to the pressure of being sedentary for a long time. However, you must also give your body extra support throughout these periods. 


Tips for finding relief from pain and avoiding pain associated with consistent desk work include:

  • Every 30 minutes, get up and walk around for a couple of minutes
  • Stretch your neck, legs, hips, wrists, and back (you can do this at work, but you should also incorporate these habits into your daily routine)
  • Don’t sit at your desk for lunch
  • Pay attention to your posture and correct it as needed
  • Stay hydrated and have healthy snacks on hand
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Get your eyes checked annually and use proper lighting while on your computer to avoid squinting and improper sitting and posture
  • Consider an adjustable standing desk to get you on your feet more often (even while standing, keep in mind the workstation setup rules)
  • Visit your local chiropractor to ensure your body is properly functioning and supporting you

Chiropractic solutions can dramatically enhance the body, which is great for your physical well-being, but it also allows you to focus better, de-stress, and increase your productivity. 


Chiropractic solutions for pain associated with consistent  desk work include:

Combining an effective workspace, lifestyle guidance, and chiropractic care, you can garner more strength and a more efficient body, keeping yourself protected and pain-free. 


Visit One of Our South Florida Chiropractic Clinics for Pain Relief

Our chiropractic team has seen firsthand how our treatments and guidance help those who work at a desk. We understand this lifestyle is important and maybe even necessary for you, so we want you to get the care you deserve so you can do it at your best. 

Our care provides several health benefits that can improve you physically and mentally. 


The benefits of chiropractic for desk workers include:

  • Postural support
  • Movement, exercise, and stretching guidance
  • Improved focus and productivity
  • Reduced mental stress
  • More efficient and effective body
  • Improved joint, tissue, and spinal health and function
  • Improved sleep quality
  • And others

Make an appointment at our Boca Raton chiropractic clinic or our Miami chiropractic clinic today; your health benefits await. 

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