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Increasing Vertical Jump

A study reveals that females with functional leg length inequality are able to increase than vertical jump height better with chiropractic manipulation to the sacroiliac joint than the control group or stretching group. Functional leg length inequality refers to when a person appears to have two different length legs, however they are not actually different sizes.

This difference can appear for a variety of reasons, including muscle imbalance that may shift the position of the pelvis and make the hips appear at different heights. This imbalance can impact sports performance, influence pain levels and disrupt the normal biomechanics of movement. Thirty-five females with FLLI were tested and the results may be surprising to some.

Correction Through Chiropractic Adjustments

This study concluded that functional leg length inequality was minimized and corrected and vertical jump height increased with chiropractic care. The volunteers were measured for leg length inequality and vertical jump height before and after the intervention was applied: group 1 received chiropractic adjustments and the control group received a stretching intervention. For more information check out the study: