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At Health-Fit® Chiropractic & Sports Medicine we treat many pain conditions and injuries combining chiropractic care with the latest techniques in conservative sports medicine. This combination of care is what makes Health-Fit a leader in Sports Chiropractic. What makes Sports Chiropracticpreferred by many patients is that the evaluation and treatment protocols are evidence-based and trusted by professional athletic teams, major universities and large corporations. Health-Fit Treats all of its patients with the same high level care, no matter if you’re a NFL player, auto accident patient, or suffer from a desk related pain syndrome.We encourage you to take a tour through the website to see how your pain or injury will be assessed and treated. The website is set up for easy navigation through the different techniques that are utilized in our clinic, and to enter into our patient-specific portals. These portals categorize the patient’s injury by a specific sport or injury cause. The intention of the patient-specific portals is to give you, as the patient, the understanding of what you can expect when you come for treatment. As you navigate through this website, we also encourage you to visit the specific websites of the techniques.
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