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Health-Fit has been our Clinical Director of XPE Sports NFL Combine Training since 2009 and instrumental in the health of our NFL and College football players.
Tony Villani - XPE Sports
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micro break card & consumer awareness bundle

Micro-break Card

Did you know a healthy and active lifestyle isn't enough to offset the negative effects of sitting in a chair most of the day? You have to get up and move. Download this Micro-break Card to learn how to stay fit at your desk.

Consumer Awareness Guide

Get the most from your healthcare. With this free guide, learn...

  • How to avoid costly and frustrating mistakes
  • How to choose a chiroproctor
  • How to ensure your chiropractor is getting maximum results
  • What to expect from a chiropractic experience

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FREE Injury Prevention Workshop

September 26th, 1pm - 4pm

  • Kenesio-taping Do's-and-Don'ts
  • Self-managing aches and pains
  • When to see a doctor for your injury
  • And much more!

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