In our clinic, all golf injuries are medically evaluated, physically screened and care can be coordinated with your teaching pro.

On the first visit, you will go through the traditional Chiropractic, Orthopedic and Neurological testing to determine a diagnosis. If conservative treatment is deemed the best treatment option, we will start treatment on the fist day. During subsequent visits, when the pain has subsided, is when the physical screening is performed for injured golfers.

Dr. Christie and his team are Certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Medical Professional level 3 and utilizes many of TPI protocols to evaluate and rehab golfers.

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Over-Use Injuries Are What Sideline Golfers The Most

Most golf-related injuries that we see are over-use injuries as opposed to traumatic injuries. To determine if a golfer is susceptible to an over-use injury, or what caused an injury, a full evaluation should include a concise medical evaluation, video swing analysis, and a golf physical screening.

The video analysis should be performed when the golfer can swing normally without any pain. As doctors, we are not video taping the golf swing for instruction purpose, but rather to investigate any swing faults that may lead to or cause an injury. The video swing analysis is then paired with a golf physical screening to determine any weak or tight muscles, and possible movement pattern deficiencies.

If on video we detect a swing fault (improper swing mechanics that place undue stress on the body), we then cross check it with the physical screening to see if a physical limitation is the cause of the swing fault. Many swing faults are caused by physical limitations such as lack of mobility, core stability, muscular strength or joint dysfunction. To summarize, we are looking for a physical limitation that is causing a swing fault, and the combination of physical limitation and swing fault increases the chance of over-use injury.

When possible, we recommend providing us with a video of your golf swing, or we can communicate with your teaching professional.

Common Golfing Injuries Treated